Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring and Pinwheels

Pinwheel Hairclip Tutorial click on picture.

Spring and pinwheels, they just go together, they are cute and fun. Children love to run holding their pinwheel on a stick as the wind whirls their litle  twirlie delighting them.  The adorable pinwheel pictured above is made of fabric and is a hairclip for your little princess. Thanks to Mother Huddle Blog for sharing a tutorial for you to copy and make. I like easy no-sew crafts.

The fabric pinwheel could be used on a throw pillow, as a hairclip as shown, placed on a board and framed for a little girl's cute room theme.  What other ideas can you come up with using  fabric pinwheels?  

Another version of pinwheels, a paper flower pinwheel thanks to Alphamom

Spring Flower Pinwheels by Alphamom

Simple to make out of cardstock and dowels.  Imagine them in your garden, or in a vase, as party favors, put them on skewers and decorate a cake, what about a garland or a wreath?  Use your imagination and tell me what other ways you would use these adorable flower pinwheels. Than head on over to Alphamom's website and see how easy they are to make. 

Woman's Day Magazine had another pinwheel project.

Picture courtesy of Woman's Day pinwheel project.

This project would be great for a 4th of July celebration. Made of paper and attached to a straw.
There you have several ideas for making and using Pinwheels!  Have fun this spring and summer!

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