Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beautiful Spring Centerpieces

Beautiful Glass Compote with colored eggs and sprigs of flowers from Better Homes magazine

Start with a large-mouth clear cookie jar or canister and place a clear drinking glass in the center. Gently stack dyed, hard-cooked eggs between the glass and jar, alternating egg colors. Fill the glass with water. Cut the stems of your favorite flowers to the desired length, and arrange them in the glass.
Improvise a pretty Easter basket using a sweet straw hat. Fill it with softly colored eggs, either real or artificial. Hollowed eggs like ours can also be stuffed with paper ribbons that include spring wishes, egg hunting clues, or even names for place cards.
Fill the planter with wheatgrass from a pet store and poke white silk daisies into the grass. A wooden egg painted pink and lettered with a paint pin nestles in a ribbon-wrapped ramekin full of wheatgrass to make a unique place card.
Adorable and easy to make Spring, Easter table centerpieces from Better Homes Magazine Instructions and pictures courtesy of the magazine. There are 33 centerpieces I chose the four I liked the best and will attempt to duplicate. Enjoy!


  1. SUCH SWEET for you question about sparkling wines...I don't drink those...but how about a white zinfindel or rose with some spite or soda water added (spritzer)?

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  2. Hi lovely lady. I love all of your Beautiful spring Centerpieces !!! You are so Good Im your newest follower on your lovely Blog. I would love to have a glass of White Zinfindel with you sweet lady. Iam putting you on my side bar, so I know if you are posting.I hope you do the same for me. I hope you have a nice day, and Thanks so mmuch for your lovely comments on my Tablescapes.


  3. and to answer about my camera...I have quite a few cameras (a good Canon, and then I have 2 that were probably 100.00 each - a Kodak and a Canon) I use the cheap Kodak the most because it has a "close-up" feature on it and that works well for the blog. The new 100.00 canon doesn't always show true colors (you can see this in the cork wall photo with the wine bottles - the corks look pink) The cell phone photos don't seem to come out as clear as the cameras do


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