Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guess what this cookie basket is made of

Photo from NellieBellie Blog

What caught my attention to this blog post and photo was the title "a 5 minute craft"
a cookie basket DIY in 5 minutes, wow I can do that...:)

This cookie basket made in 5 minutes was so cute with it's pretty blue ribbon, and the starfish, looked very beachy to me which is my favorite craft design.

But at first glance I could not figure out what it was made of, can you?

When I read more and discovered it was a paper plate basket I was surprised. The tutorial makes the entire project easy enough that even I can do it. Thinking of all the ways I can decorate it with twine, burlap, paint etc... Get your creativity on and lets see your paper plate baskets, soon as I can I will post photos of mine.

Thanks to NellieBellie blog for this quick, easy and cute idea!