Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fascinated with Hats and Fascinator's

Kate Middleton Dutchess of Cambridge.
Kate Middleton looks good in just about anything – including traditional British hats, particularly the Fascinator. Worn at fancy society events, the Fascinator headpiece is an alternative to a full brimmed hat and often includes feathers, flowers, and beads. It’s often placed on the side of the head or at the back.
Where would you choose a fascinator? In certain occasions where you might think about wearing a hat you can wear a fascinator instead. Hats can sometimes crush or damage your hair style. However, most times your hair may be styled around the look of your fascinator. Or should you have a smaller piece it can be added to the hair without fear of damage or having that crushed hair look. 
Many hats use pins to hold a hat in place. You do not want to harm yourself should they slip. A single comb is all that is needed to keep the fascinator on your head for long periods of time without pain. Fascinators have been kept in place with hair clips as well, plus can be placed on a headband. 
Where should the Fascinator be placed? The old fashioned rule for hats was that a lady always wore her hat on the right side of her head so that her beau on her left arm could see her face when they were walking together and, also he could draw his sword with his right hand if necessary without removing her hat at the same time!

We don't need to worry about those rules any more thank goodness, although the right side of the head, and tilting forward, remains the most popular side to wear fascinators although covering your parting is a good idea too if you can.  Having said that the smaller fascinators or hair accessories can also be worn at the back of the head too. Wondering how to make your own Fascinator? There are some ideas here.
Hats, headbands or fascinators, Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge has made wearing headpieces fashionable again. 

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Royal Wedding Free Printables

Princess Katie Doll and Ball Gown

Picture courtesy of

The Royal Wedding,  Prince William and Kate Middleton will be married on April 29th in Westminster Abbey.

What little girl doesn't like a Princess story?  Celebrate a Princess wedding with your little girl Print out the cut outs, place on card stock and let her dress her princess Katie doll. 

A Princess needs a Tiara
Photo courtesy of

Princess Kate's Rose Tiara printable for your little girl's princess doll.

Find cute printables on My favorites are the Princess Kate Paper Dolls and Printable Tiara
Thanks to LivingLocurto For bringing this and other Royal wedding ideas.
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Delicious Potato salad recipe

I love Paula Deen's recipes, they are easy to make and delicious! I found this potato salad recipe just in time to serve at my Easter dinner this year and it was a big hit!

Photo courtesy of Paula Deen

I improvised a bit and changed the recipe, when making this salad I used 5 red potato's, 2 kielbasa links, celery and green onions chopped,  the dressing I used was italian dressing.  It served 6 people. I boiled the potato's for about 30 minutes to keep the potato's firmer otherwise they become to soft and turn into mashed potato's. I cut them in cubes, boiled the sausage links for 45 minutes, sliced one whole link into tiny pieces put in with the other ingredients and put the leftover one sliced around the honey baked ham.  

The menu consisted of  breads, cheeses, pickles, olives, cherry tomato's, the potato salad and the honey baked ham for a delicious early Easter dinner/brunch. It was absolutely delicious and easy to make! I sliced a few slices of the honeybaked ham for my daughter who doesn't like it warm or baked, before I baked it for 30 minutes to get the glaze melted.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring and Pinwheels

Pinwheel Hairclip Tutorial click on picture.

Spring and pinwheels, they just go together, they are cute and fun. Children love to run holding their pinwheel on a stick as the wind whirls their litle  twirlie delighting them.  The adorable pinwheel pictured above is made of fabric and is a hairclip for your little princess. Thanks to Mother Huddle Blog for sharing a tutorial for you to copy and make. I like easy no-sew crafts.

The fabric pinwheel could be used on a throw pillow, as a hairclip as shown, placed on a board and framed for a little girl's cute room theme.  What other ideas can you come up with using  fabric pinwheels?  

Another version of pinwheels, a paper flower pinwheel thanks to Alphamom

Spring Flower Pinwheels by Alphamom

Simple to make out of cardstock and dowels.  Imagine them in your garden, or in a vase, as party favors, put them on skewers and decorate a cake, what about a garland or a wreath?  Use your imagination and tell me what other ways you would use these adorable flower pinwheels. Than head on over to Alphamom's website and see how easy they are to make. 

Woman's Day Magazine had another pinwheel project.

Picture courtesy of Woman's Day pinwheel project.

This project would be great for a 4th of July celebration. Made of paper and attached to a straw.
There you have several ideas for making and using Pinwheels!  Have fun this spring and summer!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Organizing and Decorating

Several months ago, out of necessity I began an organizing project in my bathroom, it was a success, since than I organized, closets, linen closet,dresser drawers, and the largest of all the organizing projects, my home office.
What's interesting about that is that it was easy to do one at a time as opposed to trying to accomplish it all at one time or imposing specific time limits.  Moral of the story, begin somewhere and the rest will follow. 
Since completing those projects I noticed that certain areas in my living room looked bare and unfinished, it was time to redecorate my mantle and mirror display area.  I had a snow picture by artist Thomas Kinkade above my mantle for a few years, I also had a collection of Kinkade accessories given to me by my daughter for different occasions. It was time to make a change.
My inspiration came from a blog hop dedicated to mantle's.  I went from this
Plain and simple mantel with Kinkade snow picture.

I took down the picture, found a mirror hidden away in a closet, took my angel collection and designed a new more spring look for my mantle.  My original idea was to have it all white and yellow but the mirror and candlestick holders are silver, my angels are blue, a pretty look so for now they will stay that color until I can freshen them by painting the angel and mirror white and get white candlestick holders. 

Silver mirror, Candlestickholders, Angel collection.

Than I went on to decorate the mirrored display area and added some of my favorite crystal pieces
I like Rose Bowls so I have several of those, different sizes, large and small. Crystal vase and Angels. And a crystal, antique creamer, one of my mom's favorite pieces.
Crystal pieces.

So out of one organizing project I was able to clean, organize, sell items in a garage sale and redecorate my mantle and display case.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some of my favorite Family heirlooms

My Mom gave me this adorable set of china, with colorful dots and flowers, china from Germany, I also have a matching Pitcher. The other set next to it is gold trimmed floral china. Both sets are antiques.

I love family heirlooms that have meaning and I can pass down to my oldest daughter. I can remember seeing my Mom lovingly display these in her built-in hutch.  They were her pride and joy. I now display them in my hutch.
This other set of china isn't a complete set, it is gold trimmed with flowers in the middle.

This was another favorite china set my Mother enjoyed. I was glad to inherit this set as well and I treasure them, Both sets are now heirlooms I will pass down to my oldest daughter, I know she will cherish them as I do. She too has a sense of family and heirlooms, the importance of them.

Thanks to, and linking to: for sharing her family heirlooms!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fabric flower tutorials

Picture courtesy of
Thank you Shelley!

I have been searching for tutorials on how-to make fabric flowers. I wanted a no-sew, easy to make flowers for broaches on handbags, clothes, headbands, sofa pillows etc.  I finally found a blog that posted 5 different tutorials that featured no-sew fabric flowers at LivingLocurto.

Thanks to all the creative ladies for sharing their tutorials and ideas. Most of the fabric flowers are made by rolling the fabric, with RA in my hands I found it difficult to roll the fabric and keep it in place while rolling it. I was delighted when I saw tutorial I thought, I can do that! 

For folks like myself who have a level of difficulty doing crafts yet really enjoy doing them we always look for those crafts that we can enjoy and yet find them easy to do. I did a Easter centerpiece for my Easter table, and I was able to make a wreath, napkin rings, it felt good to see the finished result.

Obviously my next project, after a garage sale this weekend will be to attempt to make these flowers.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter Dinner tablescape craft project

Thanks to Jen from Scissors and Spatulas for this adorable DIY craft project.

This Easter I decided to do craft projects to add to my Easter dinner tablescape. I started with the Centerpiece which is a white vase, Yellow forsythia, eggs that spell out "Happy Easter". I will have a white with yellow,pink,blue stripes tablecloth and matching napkins, and to add more Easter decor these napkin rings with the Easter egg motif would be a great addition to the table, 

This would also make a cute placecard holder !

I will use the idea of the  mini grapevine wreaths, little bird nests and some mini speckled eggs-on-a-stick to make placecard holders to match the adorable napkin rings. I will post pictures just as soon as the entire project is finished. Have to head out to Hobby Lobby to get my supplies. 
Having fun thanks to the "DIY CLUB" !

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This is my version of the napkin ring, I used one vine wreath and made a nest and put 2 eggs in it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Grow real grass in your Easter Basket

Adorable project for Mom and kids !
Get your Easter grass kit for your basket, forget the fake grass! Click on the graphic above!

Say "Thank you Easter Bunny" with a basket of bright and beautiful springtime grass. The Easter Grass Kit offers and eco-friendly, all natural, alternative to wasteful plastic grass. It's a fun and educational activity for parents and children to enjoy in anticipation for the holiday. Like Spots Ladybugs other parent-and-child activity kits, the Easter Grass Kit just takes 3 easy steps. First - about one week before the holiday - you and your child place the all-natural coconut-husk disk in a bowl and cover with water. Magically, the disk will expand into a fine dirt. Next, place the dirt into a lined Easter basket. Then sprinkle the seeds(provided) on top of the dirt, and nature will take care of the rest! The seeds will sprout within 24 hours and grow almost an inch a day. By Easter morning, the basket will be full with bright blades of grass no-bunny could resist!
Add Easter eggs and chocolates in a large white basket add a beautiful bow! What a great idea!
Pictures courtesy of Spots and Ladybugs

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall

I love mirrors and this is a mirror I want from Zgallerie.

It's SPRING! I need to change the look on my mantel, currently I have a snow picture, and several angel figurines. We just repainted the living room to a soft creamy shade that looks excellent with white contrast, our sofa is yellow, TV stand is white. I think that white and yellow looks clean and crisp, the Angelique white mirror would go above the mantel. It's time to redecorate. The entire project would be well under $500.
This vase with flowers would be an excellent addition on the mantel.

A White vase with flowers,  a Glass bowl with fresh yellow lemons, and yellow candlestick holders on the mantel would give it a fresh, classy, clean Spring look. Love white and yellow for spring, very fresh and clean! So what do you all think? Good idea?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beautiful Spring Centerpieces

Beautiful Glass Compote with colored eggs and sprigs of flowers from Better Homes magazine

Start with a large-mouth clear cookie jar or canister and place a clear drinking glass in the center. Gently stack dyed, hard-cooked eggs between the glass and jar, alternating egg colors. Fill the glass with water. Cut the stems of your favorite flowers to the desired length, and arrange them in the glass.
Improvise a pretty Easter basket using a sweet straw hat. Fill it with softly colored eggs, either real or artificial. Hollowed eggs like ours can also be stuffed with paper ribbons that include spring wishes, egg hunting clues, or even names for place cards.
Fill the planter with wheatgrass from a pet store and poke white silk daisies into the grass. A wooden egg painted pink and lettered with a paint pin nestles in a ribbon-wrapped ramekin full of wheatgrass to make a unique place card.
Adorable and easy to make Spring, Easter table centerpieces from Better Homes Magazine Instructions and pictures courtesy of the magazine. There are 33 centerpieces I chose the four I liked the best and will attempt to duplicate. Enjoy!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

The Ultimate Blog party 2011
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