Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall

I love mirrors and this is a mirror I want from Zgallerie.

It's SPRING! I need to change the look on my mantel, currently I have a snow picture, and several angel figurines. We just repainted the living room to a soft creamy shade that looks excellent with white contrast, our sofa is yellow, TV stand is white. I think that white and yellow looks clean and crisp, the Angelique white mirror would go above the mantel. It's time to redecorate. The entire project would be well under $500.
This vase with flowers would be an excellent addition on the mantel.

A White vase with flowers,  a Glass bowl with fresh yellow lemons, and yellow candlestick holders on the mantel would give it a fresh, classy, clean Spring look. Love white and yellow for spring, very fresh and clean! So what do you all think? Good idea?


  1. Sounds good to me. White and yellow is so fresh & springy. I don't have much yellow in my house. Not much of a fan. But I love seeing it in other houses. Love the mirror. I'll bet you could find one at a thrift store for a lot less and then paint it white. That is what I would do. But then, I'm cheap. Thanks for stopping by my blog & for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it. Have a good day!

  2. I think that sounds great!! Yeloow and white si such a happy combination, I think. So chirpy and cheery. I bet it'll look fab!


  3. Sounds like a beautiful idea. I'm with Kim, thrift stores have amazing deals and a little bit of paint can go a long way! If you have a minute please feel free to stop by my blog.

  4. Thanks for all comments, I will scour the thrift stores, good idea, save some money!


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