Monday, July 30, 2012

The many uses of vinegar

Recently out of necessity I rediscovered a household staple, vinegar. It happened one day after opening a cabinet and discovering dreaded ants had taken over. What a mess, had to throw away open containers of food. I went online searching for a natural way to kill the ants and that's when I read that vinegar in a spray bottle kills them and keeps them from returning. It did work.

After that fiasco I decided to search for other uses for vinegar and found quite a few good ideas. For example, vinegar will get rid of those ugly mineral deposits from faucets, shower doors, sinks, bathtubs,put some in a drain to freshen the drain.

Vinegar is not only a good natural cleaner it's also a disinfectant.
It will get rid of smoky smells, by placing it in a bowl and leave  till odors are gone.
Use it to get rid of mildew stains.
It will shine, brass, copper and silver.
Removes sticky residue.
Cleans your coffee pot.
Will remove some carpet stains.
Removes water stains from wood tables.
Apple cider vinegar is a good diet aid.

Does all that for so little money, imagine how much money you can save by using this little miracle product.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Best of Pinterest

By now you probably discovered Pinterest. What is Pinterest? It is a virtual pinboard that you can use to organize recipes, decorating ideas etc. I love it!

One of my most popular pins is this one:

This pin has been repinned 63 times.  I have 114 followers and 645 pins, and 15 boards. Boards are titled, Mantels, crafts, organizing etc. 



Would love to see your Pinterest board!

Pinterest101, how to set one up, etc!
PinterestBlog Trends, like WashiTape pins.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

ChalkBoard Paint and Contact paper

Have you heard about ChalkBoard Paint yet? If you haven't believe me you will. There is ChalkBoard contact paper as well.

The paint is available in cans:
Benjamin Moore Quart Can

ChalkBoard paint in spray cans : 

Krylon Spray paint Black or Green

Folk Art paint 8 ounces:

Plaid - PLAID- FolkArt Chalkboard Paint 8 Ounces-Green Now you can create a chalkboard writing surface on any piece of wood and even terra cotta ...

What craft projects can ChalkBoard paint be used for? There are tons of creative projects in Blogland, following  are some unique ideas to spark your own creativity.

Look at these cute drink tags. See HappyTulip for instructions.

Frame ChalkBoard paints. See Createlovegrow

look at these adorable herb pots. chapstickfantique

Paint on fabric pillows. See more ideas at JamieBrockHub

Cityfarmhouse covered the glass on this hutch with chalkboard contact paper!

There you go, now show us what creative craft project using Chalkboard paint that you created, please.....