Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Organizing and Decorating

Several months ago, out of necessity I began an organizing project in my bathroom, it was a success, since than I organized, closets, linen closet,dresser drawers, and the largest of all the organizing projects, my home office.
What's interesting about that is that it was easy to do one at a time as opposed to trying to accomplish it all at one time or imposing specific time limits.  Moral of the story, begin somewhere and the rest will follow. 
Since completing those projects I noticed that certain areas in my living room looked bare and unfinished, it was time to redecorate my mantle and mirror display area.  I had a snow picture by artist Thomas Kinkade above my mantle for a few years, I also had a collection of Kinkade accessories given to me by my daughter for different occasions. It was time to make a change.
My inspiration came from a blog hop dedicated to mantle's.  I went from this
Plain and simple mantel with Kinkade snow picture.

I took down the picture, found a mirror hidden away in a closet, took my angel collection and designed a new more spring look for my mantle.  My original idea was to have it all white and yellow but the mirror and candlestick holders are silver, my angels are blue, a pretty look so for now they will stay that color until I can freshen them by painting the angel and mirror white and get white candlestick holders. 

Silver mirror, Candlestickholders, Angel collection.

Than I went on to decorate the mirrored display area and added some of my favorite crystal pieces
I like Rose Bowls so I have several of those, different sizes, large and small. Crystal vase and Angels. And a crystal, antique creamer, one of my mom's favorite pieces.
Crystal pieces.

So out of one organizing project I was able to clean, organize, sell items in a garage sale and redecorate my mantle and display case.

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  1. LOVE it!

    I so need to get some organizing done. You've inspired me..I love the mirrored area..that's gorgeous.

    Your newest follower from FMBT!


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