Monday, April 11, 2011

Grow real grass in your Easter Basket

Adorable project for Mom and kids !
Get your Easter grass kit for your basket, forget the fake grass! Click on the graphic above!

Say "Thank you Easter Bunny" with a basket of bright and beautiful springtime grass. The Easter Grass Kit offers and eco-friendly, all natural, alternative to wasteful plastic grass. It's a fun and educational activity for parents and children to enjoy in anticipation for the holiday. Like Spots Ladybugs other parent-and-child activity kits, the Easter Grass Kit just takes 3 easy steps. First - about one week before the holiday - you and your child place the all-natural coconut-husk disk in a bowl and cover with water. Magically, the disk will expand into a fine dirt. Next, place the dirt into a lined Easter basket. Then sprinkle the seeds(provided) on top of the dirt, and nature will take care of the rest! The seeds will sprout within 24 hours and grow almost an inch a day. By Easter morning, the basket will be full with bright blades of grass no-bunny could resist!
Add Easter eggs and chocolates in a large white basket add a beautiful bow! What a great idea!
Pictures courtesy of Spots and Ladybugs

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