Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fascinated with Hats and Fascinator's

Kate Middleton Dutchess of Cambridge.
Kate Middleton looks good in just about anything – including traditional British hats, particularly the Fascinator. Worn at fancy society events, the Fascinator headpiece is an alternative to a full brimmed hat and often includes feathers, flowers, and beads. It’s often placed on the side of the head or at the back.
Where would you choose a fascinator? In certain occasions where you might think about wearing a hat you can wear a fascinator instead. Hats can sometimes crush or damage your hair style. However, most times your hair may be styled around the look of your fascinator. Or should you have a smaller piece it can be added to the hair without fear of damage or having that crushed hair look. 
Many hats use pins to hold a hat in place. You do not want to harm yourself should they slip. A single comb is all that is needed to keep the fascinator on your head for long periods of time without pain. Fascinators have been kept in place with hair clips as well, plus can be placed on a headband. 
Where should the Fascinator be placed? The old fashioned rule for hats was that a lady always wore her hat on the right side of her head so that her beau on her left arm could see her face when they were walking together and, also he could draw his sword with his right hand if necessary without removing her hat at the same time!

We don't need to worry about those rules any more thank goodness, although the right side of the head, and tilting forward, remains the most popular side to wear fascinators although covering your parting is a good idea too if you can.  Having said that the smaller fascinators or hair accessories can also be worn at the back of the head too. Wondering how to make your own Fascinator? There are some ideas here.
Hats, headbands or fascinators, Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge has made wearing headpieces fashionable again. 

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  1. I just LOVE hats! I had already decided to make a few and some matching dresses! Why bother with current fashion when what is current only looks good on a few people? :)

    Popping over from the "Not So Moody Monday Hop!" :)

  2. Love this post! My daughters and I had such fun hosting a Royal Wedding Breakfast. It's so neat to see Kate Middleton, as a young women, invoke her hat style!

    Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  3. I always love hats and fascinators and envy anywho who can well them well. Sadly, I am not one of those people, and these things look silly on me. Thanks for sharing how fascinators are worn. I enjoyed the history behind them.


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