Monday, June 6, 2011

Solving the Kitchen Dish Towel Dilemma

The Kitchen Dish Towel Dilemma

Blue Coastal dish Towels Click on photo

What is the dilemma? Where to stash them to keep them dry and have them nearby and handy. Dish towels are a cute kitchen accessory and a necessary item in the kitchen. For a while we were using paper towels and wasting a lot of money until we found towels with cute patterns and variety of materials we could get for less money. Cotton dish towels versus paper towels besides cost was keeping the cloth towels dry till the next use. There are many towel racks available from pull out racks in cabinet to an adorable over the door holder!                        

There are over cabinet racks, over drawer racks, but most of us hang the towels over the edge of the sink, on stove handles, refrigerator handles, dish drainers. But they can slip off the oven handles and refrigerator handles. 
Oven door handle

I saw a great idea called bull clips 
Use pretty ribbons with the clips attached to hold the towels

Store additional dry towels in a pretty wire mesh basket, roll the towels and place them in the wire holder.
Wire Mesh Holder

Adhesive V-towel holders

Because we need a lot of the towels, they get soiled, or burnt, buying them in bulk is the way to go, after all we use them as pot holders at times, or to clean our hands. 

Now you can see why we referred to this as solving the kitchen towel DILLEMA, hope we helped to solve the dilemma for you. Would love to hear your ideas.

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