Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Crafty Retro Earrings

All the retro earrings are handcrafted. Some are crafted from aluminum, few are enhanced with stones, all are for pierced ears. The one thing I discovered is that each is a unique piece that cannot be found anywhere else. Hope you enjoy the collection. Feel free to comment, what do you think?

Will need to make one like this to display the collection

Photo from Trey and Lucy

Thanks to twentysomething for the tutorial

Star and moon

CLICK on each photo to see a closeup and the details of each earring

Cowboy kick boots with red stones

Black Shiny Beads

LOOK at the detail on the giraffes

Smiling cat faces with crystals

Hope you enjoyed my unique collection! Linking to this bloghop linky and this one and linky and this and this, saturdaylinky, sathop, luvlinky
Somewhat Simple

By the way I finally bought a camera, these photo's were taken with my new camera! 


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