Sunday, June 19, 2011

Creative Tassel collection

I have two tassels and used them here and there, on lamps on a key holder wherever I felt the need to use a little color or decor. Than I found Betasseled blog and tutorials and was so impressed I just had to share some of Heather's work here with you because it INSPIRED me to take my Tassels and enhance them!!
Be sure to stop by Heather's Blog and say hi.  Oh and she has many many more tassels for your inspiration!

Jonathan Adler says tassels are "the earrings of the home," 

All photo's courtesy of Betasseled! Thanks Heather.

And this one is the ultimate one she did!!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of tassels as much as I did and are inspired to make your own. The following photo is of the two tassels I have to work with in making a masterpiece, will have to decide color ribbons, finial etc. 
My Red, black and beige tassels that I will embellish.
Will post photo's after I finish the project.

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