Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love Pinterest

What is Pinterest?  

 Think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things you love and "follow" collections created by people with great taste.
People use Pinterest to collect and share all sorts of things --  inspiration, DIY projects, at home decor, places love to visit, good books to read, You name it, people are pinning it.
We know you have great taste in something. Our mission is to make Pinterest the best place for you to share your taste with the world.
Following are photo's of what I pinned on my Pinterest boards check it out and feel free to repin any of my photo's on your own Pinterest...Go to my board for an INVITE!
Cowboy hat lamp shade
Cute LaBelleMaison Plaque
A good idea for a bathroom
I have 8 boards and 134 pins, one of my  Board's is where I pin my favorite craft projects, either ones I tried or want to try. It's also a great way to remember what projects I want to try. 
My Craft board
Cute crafts made solely from RicRac

Crafty card, tag, adornment for package.
You can have as many boards and pins you want, you can label them as you choose, you can repin from others boards, and you can choose to follow others, or follow their boards so when they add or update their boards you can see what they added.  It's a fun place, they even have a "pin it" addition that you can install on your browser bar and when you see something you want to pin you just click on the pin it icon. Please stop by and let me know what your Pinterest boards url is so I can check it out. ENJOY!


  1. Terri, I am so VERY addicted!!! Isn't it a wonderful place to keep all your ideas! I LOVE it!!!

  2. Yes, I agree, very addicting. ;)

  3. Hey Terri...just stopped by to say thanks for visiting me. I wanted to respond to you via email but you are a 'non-reply blogger' which means that I could not reply directly to your email...:(
    I hope you week is off to a good start...keep in touch.

  4. Lucy, thanks for stopping by and following. I'll have to take care of that being non-reply.


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