Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Beautiful use of Frames

Found creative uses for frames, other than for photos or art.  The following pictures will spark your own inner creativity. Some of the ideas are to add a vase, yes a vase in a frame, or what about a seashell collection placed in a frame?

Chalkboard in a frame 

Christening dress in a frame

A Vase in a frame

What beautiful ways to display treasured items by placing them in a frame. Place an invitation hanging from a ribbon in a frame, or a alphabet, the frames will be the focal point of course so make certain you choose your prettiest most unique frame appropriate for the item displayed. A real unique idea is to take wallpaper that you like but don't want to use on the entire wall cut out a large piece place it a frame around it and there you have it. Would love to hear your ideas for using frames creatively!

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