Sunday, May 22, 2011

Inspiration White Vase paper flowers

Love, love, love flowers!  Fresh cut flowers in a beautiful vase can make a room come alive with their unique, fragrant, colorful beauty.  Placed in a creamy white vase or a crystal vase stunning!  How can we capture the color of real flowers?  What about paper flowers? INSPIRATION came from the Wedding Chick website who posted a TUTORIAL on their site.

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I get my inspiration from the extremely creative and talented DIY'ers who are kind enough to share a tutorial with the rest of us. Currently I am researching different types of cameras as I don't have one at the moment except for a iPhone camera. Soon as I decide on one that will take good photo's I will take pictures of different projects I am working on. I have a project I am about to start, it was a craft kit I WON from a TipJunkie giveaway.  It's a wood project that is reversible for Spring/Summer. 

So head on over to weddingchicks website and see the full tutorial, would love to see all the paper flower bouquets all you crafty ladies will make, and soon as I get my camera I will display the one I make. (Found a tutorial on making a flower shaped die here.)
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