Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Chocolate guilt free delight

Chocolate guilt free, is that possible? Well if not taken to the extreme. I ate Jello lo-cal chocolate pudding from time to time, which helped me to lose 60 lbs while satisfying a sweet tooth, no the pudding didn't help me lose the weight, I used this program and I watched my food intake, for excercise I walked. But to satisfy my sweet tooth I ate lo-cal goodies once in a while.

Even tho I ate jello puddings and Cool whip separately I never thought to put them together:
Photo Courtesy of Twig and Thistle 

Not until I read a post on TwigandThistle Blog titled "Guilt Free Mousse" of course her photo's helped to get my attention as well 

Photo from Kraft foods

See what I mean? Got my attention all right. I got to thinking what else other than mousse in a cup could it be used for,  I came up with putting it in a pie crust to make a delicious Chocolate cream pie, instead of putting more cool whip on the top of the pie allow each guest to put a dollop of cream on their individual piece.  Fold two tablespoons of fat free cool whip into 60 calorie pudding gives you a 75 calorie dessert!

Add Banana slices, strawberries, white chocolate pieces, put it in a pretty glass and first put cool whip than the mousse and keep varying it for a pretty presentation. Use it as a filling in cupcakes or a cake, Add Amaretto for a grownup dessert. How about freezing it to make a popsicle. WOW, all this goodness from one inspired idea! Thanks Twig and Thistle! 
Please leave a comment and let us know what other ways this recipe could be used..


  1. yum...this is genius..I'm actually starting the master cleanse tomorrow for 10 days...yikes !
    hope you are having a great long weekend...xo
    I tried to respond to your message directly but you are a 'non reply blogger' :(

  2. Hi Lu, I finally fixed the "no-reply" blogger so please feel free to answer my ques. THANK YOU!! xo Terri


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