Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Decorating a new condo

New Bar Stools

Recently I shared about selling our home of 25 years and moving into a condo rental. We were apprehensive of moving from a single family home to a multi-family apartment environment.
It's been both good and some bad, mostly a good experience so far. Transitioning fairly well.

The bar stools are a brown wood with gray, the detailing is stunning!

The condo is beautiful inside, a large kitchen with a beautiful all-around counter and island, the white moldings against a pretty beige makes it a strikingly beautiful contrast, very clean, crisp look. It has many large windows making it light and airy, charming white fans in most rooms, white fireplace. 

Our next door neighbors welcomed us warmly and are fast becoming friends, they bring us warm baked goodies a lot of mornings. Couldn't asked for better neighbors and generally the entire complex has charm and is quiet. Seems most residents realize that we all contribute to keeping the complex a quiet safe environment to enjoy! 

Okay that's the good, what's the bad you ask?  A woman with 3 teen children who live above us. The woman is inconsiderate of others and a irresponsible parent, even after we respectfully asked her to tone it down. Imagine 3 teens and their friends throwing balls against walls and skateboarding in an apt above you. Noise decibels are off the chart! We are hoping that after talking with management they will find a more suitable place for her to move too.

Other than that, decorating our new condo with the help of my interior decorating daughter, has been fun and exciting.  Buying new accessories and furniture is fun. I will share photo's of some of our new additions. For example these substantially made beautiful wood bar stools from PierOne, the seats are large, they are brown with gray wood, there is beautiful carved detailing, they fit comfortably in a little cove area. Giving us extra seating. The next photo's will show more of the bar and some of the rest of the condo. Stay tuned!

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  1. The bar stools are beautiful! Your new home looks and sounds very nice! I, too, live in the same type environment and the neighbors above me have been a challenge. They have a son, perhaps 10-12 yrs, and he's had free rein...running, bouncing a ball, you name it. I've reported this several times to mgmt and the people can be evicted if the noise starts again. I'm so hoping this works! I told them if the office was closed and the problem began again, I would call the police. It's quite within your rights to do so.

    Sorry about all that! :-) I came over from Kristen's and glad I did. I'm a new follower and look forward to seeing more of your new home.

    Stop by and say hi when you can!

  2. Thanks for sharing about the upstairs neighbor problem! Tonight it's extremely bad.

  3. Hi Terri, I’m glad to hear that you were warmly welcomed by your new neighbors in your new condo. So, have you finished decorating your place? I know how tiring it is to settle in your new place but decorating it is really fun exciting. By the way, I like your wooden chairs – they blend well with the design of your kitchen.

  4. Thank you Brendan, still decorating.....a work in progress. Have a color theme in living area yellows and grays. Carried into dining room .

  5. It’s really fun decorating, isn’t it? Also, when decorating a condominium unit, it’s best to limit the clutter when putting furniture. Have a minimum number of pieces for each room, and choose each size that complements the area.

    Luise Baanders

  6. I have a mini bar at my eastwood city parkview condo. Those bar stools are beautiful! :)

  7. Such cute bar stools! I just recently moved into my new condo and have been trying to figure how to decorate while conserving space. These stools are definitely worth the investment. Thanks for the cute post!


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