Sunday, May 13, 2012

Before and After

I think before and after photo's help when deciding how to place furniture and accessories. My newest purchase is a Sunburst mirror, it is striking has some bling to it and definitely brighten's up a corner area that is usually dark.


This is what the wall above the fireplace looked like before.


This is what it looks like with Sunburst mirror added. Also note the chair placement vs the next photo with a different chair arrangement.

After with chair arranged differently.

I can see where the chair placed like this looks better. The chair is covered in french writing fabric.
 I love the Sunburst mirror!

The entire condo we are leasing is painted beige with white trim, I can honestly say that even tho that color combo was always my favorite it is fast becoming beige overload. My sofa is yellow, and a new overstuffed chair I ordered is white, I will be adding toss pillows in a gray/yellow pattern that I will be placing on the chair and sofa to tie it together. My barstools have gray legs and trim. 

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