Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chargers and Wall mirrors

Have you shopped for mirrors recently? We have and found them to be quite costly, so is there a better way to get a wall mirror to have to display? I bet the title gave you a clue to the answer.

Kim from the SandandSisal blog shared a clever creative idea turning chargers into mirrors.Thanks for the inspiration Kim.

Chargers turned into wall mirrors.

I went on to Pier One's website to see what chargers they offered that I could use to turn it into a wall mirror and here's what I found I would definitely use.

picture this one as a mirror, stunning.

This one is called mirror charger, silver will reflect the mirror in middle nicely.

beautiful wood charger turned mirror would be awesome

picture this mosaic charger turned!

What about taking this charger, and paste sea shells on it and turn it into

 a beautiful seashell mirror.
(Thanks to Between Naps on the Porch blog for this idea)

A thrifty tip!

Now to decide which one I will buy and change into a mirror.

Thank's Kim for the inspiration and creative use of charger's.

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  1. I thought the seashell mirror shape was quite adorable...add a reflective surface to it and it'll be one piece of art. :P


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