Sunday, March 8, 2009

Business and Cupcakes

What does business and cupcakes have in common? Hmm well if you watched the Celebrity Apprentice show last night you would see what they have in common.
On the show they made cupcakes for charity and they were getting $10,000 for one cupcake, wow, take that Martha Stewart! The ladies won the cupcake challenge the guys didn't but the good news is all the money they collected for charity.

But can you really have a business making cupcakes? yes you can! one of my favorite YouTube videos is this one :
You can learn how to make those beautiful (why doesnt it turn out like that for me) cupcake floral bouquet.

And if you are a scrapbooking fan how about making a cupcake like this one:

The graphic in this post was from Woman's Day Magazine article all about cupcakes:
Photo by Charles Schiller

Did you know there is actually a "Cupcake Queen" ? (no its not Martha)
Well here you go her recipes and cupcakes make my mouth water! Good job
cupcake queen! White chocolate TURTLES! Wow what class! Impressive to say the least.
oh I bet I could make those....

Wait but why would someone want white turtles on their wedding cake??

Anyway, point being yes as you can see you can have a cupcake business.
In a future post I will investigate and than report back here all the steps to having a work-from-home cupcake business, sounds like a fun business to have except I am on a diet and that could really affect my diet.


  1. Those cupcakes are gorgeous! Was in a Doctor's office one time & saw a show that featured someone making cupcakes like that!

    Visiting from MBC & fav'd you to Technorati!

  2. Those cupcakes are gorgeous! Was in a doctor's office once & saw a show featuring someone making cupcakes like that!

    Visiting from MBC & fav'd you to Technorati!

    Moomettesgram's Musings

  3. We have actually had a few cupcake shops pop up around here .. not sure how well they do but the cupcakes look yummy!

  4. I love cupcakes and the celebrity apprentice. The photo you posted is beautiful.

    I like your new blog design!

  5. Awesome!!
    BTW.. the typepad link does not work


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