Friday, April 6, 2012

Pop of spring colors

The colors of spring burst forth in all their beauty and glory! I found a blog in blogland that represented the the pop of spring colors in a precious, creative way. I vote Shannon's post titled "How to bring Spring into the bedroom" on her blog FoxHollowCottage, most creative spring post, her blog is one of my favorite blogs to follow. There's always a lot of inspiration there.

Sharing some photo's that were my favorite:

Red white checked pillow cases idea!

Bright and creative idea for a way to make your own matching pillows! Simply stuff a throw pillow into a matching pillowcase, fold it over, and cinch it, voila, beautiful matching pillows. Brilliant Shannon!

Love wreaths?

I love wreaths but displaying one in a basket like this was brilliantly creative don't you think?
I have to say I could go on and on about each and every photo critiquing each one but I don't want to take away the joy of discovery for you. 

Thanks Shannon for bringing us pop of spring colors to life! Good job! Did she inspire you with her ideas? Show us how you brought spring into your home........I will soon as I get totally unpacked in our new condo.

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  1. Well Terri that was so sweet of you. I am honored you took the time to shower my blog with some love. That was just so nice!! I am glad you found an idea you liked.

    Happy Easter weekend!! Shannon

  2. Ypur very welcome, Luv your blog!

    Wishing you and all a Happy and Blessed Easter


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