Monday, March 5, 2012

Embellished steering wheels frames from Etsy

Recently, while scouring Etsy for a gift to buy, I came across a few handmade, beautiful and unusual items.
Imagine giving a gift of a steering wheel cover handmade from vintage materials. Any woman would prefer that to the standard ones massed produced and made of vinyl. Right?

Hippie chick steering wheel

Buying a gift that shows you cared enough to choose something special rather than, for example just a frame, a frame is a good choice but add some elegant, creative flair to it such as this one my daughter created:

Elegant by shopmiabella

and you're telling the gift recipient I cared enough to choose a gift that says "you're special to me'! I rather support a creative crafter and give a special gift rather than giving an item that was mass produced.
Shop Etsy whenever you can, you will be amazed at the beautiful yet affordable gifts that will be appreciated and they will remember you every time they look at it.

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