Saturday, August 6, 2011

About this blog and how to stay healthy

Welcome to Healthy Wealthy Moms blog!
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About this blog Part One

Whether you are a new visitor or a follower we appreciate every one of you and want to provide quality material and pictures for your enjoyment, we want you to return again and again.  The reason behind the "healthy mom" title is to provide you with articles that will help you with staying healthy, losing weight, and general wellness information, have you checked out the "WellnessCenter"?

What you will find in the Wellness Center:
Wellness stories
Multimedia  (video)
Wellness reports
Wellness talks (audio)
Wellness Tools  (interactive)

Find recipes that are low-cal, read about excercise and Dukan diet recipe.   I became interested in wellness because my husband is a Pharmacist and I do medical billing.  Stay tuned for more ideas on staying your very best!

Maybe you noticed there have been a lot of changes in the look of the blog lately I was searching for the right look that is a combination of vintage, romantic, happy, the current design which to me brings serenity, peace, happy which all helps in keeping us well. Hope you enjoy!

I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions!

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  1. I was just reading this article on a way to fall asleep faster by listening to monkeys (really) -
    Anyone else have sleep issues?


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