Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vision 2010 New year Goals!

Setting goals is something we are all so familiar with, it’s almost a boring topic! People say things like: "Yes, we know we should set goals."; "Yes, we know we can set goals for health, for sport, for work, for financials – in fact for all aspects of our lives."; "Yes, we know goals are extremely useful both to strive to achieve and to measure progress against.”

But what if there was an inspiring, fun, exciting way to set goals for your life? What if the inspiring goals, actually helped your subconscious start focusing on them, day and night, without you even being aware of it? The steps below show exactly how to develop inspiring goals and will result in you feeling so motivated that you automatically start to track for the things you most want. Stop saying it and start doing it!

Make a dream book, cut out pictures of what you want to accomplish in 2010 and paste them into your dream book along with the goal and the ACTION STEPS you will take to make it happen!

Jackie Ulmer's article on "Dream Books" inspired this post and inspired me to greater goals for the greater good thru giveaways, donating to causes I support, fundraising for the Arthritis foundation and many other important causes which I will list in another post shortly.

Of course I also have financial goals to be able to achieve and support donating to foundations and causes goal. To achieve all my goals for 2010 I need YOUR support. How can you help? Some ideas:
Purchase candles, makeup and other spa products,
Join our "Candle of the month club" or free Associate biz,
Host a Home party, Gift Bag party, Eparty, Online party!

GiveAwaysEnter to win !!Set those goals for Vision 2010 and have a prosperous and Happy new Year!

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