Thursday, December 10, 2009

Teachers gifts, Gifts for the office

Looking for some unique and great teachers gifts?
This bloggers choice awards would go to these gifts for under $25.
First we highly recommend a a Scent Simmer™ with Bulb is an electric simmer pot, which can be used with our signature Melts™. can be used at home, in the class room, or in an office.
The scent Melt will freshen the air and is safe around children and pets.

All the Teacher needs to do is plug-in the simmer pot in any outlet, add a wax scent Melt and the room will be filled with a beautiful scent. A great way to freshen the air especially during winter months when you can't air out the room by opening a window!

The other gift for teachers is Sisters gourmet cookie mixes, as seen in Oprah magazine, use CODE Oprah and get the mix for just $10.00.

There you have unique ideas for Teachers gifts or a gift for freshening the air in offices that are safe.

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