Monday, March 21, 2011

My experience shopping at Kroger saving on gas and groceries!

First of all on my first trip to Kroger I am proud to say I saved $14.73 by using all the rewards Kroger has to offer, sale items and using coupons plus earned 80 points toward savings on gasoline.

The first thing we did was to apply for their reward card called "the Kroger Plus Card" you can save money right away, load ecoupons right on the card and get points toward savings on gasoline.. It's the "smart card". There's even a iPhone app for the card!

Than we purchased a $100 , 123 reward debit card. with it you can manage your money better. Every 1,000 points you earn = $5 in free groceries*.

Check out all the ways you can save on gas and groceries at Kroger yourself! Our blog is all about getting wealthy by saving and earning with good strong at home businesses.

Manage money better with Kroger and our tips!

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