Sunday, February 20, 2011

Organizing bathroom clutter

This is one of the organizers I chose for my bathroom organizing project, love it!

If you have health issues that prevent you from reaching down into cabinets than this is for you. If you like an organized bathroom than this is for you.

Most organizing tips are for those who want a clean room who don't have mobility issues whether temporary or permanent the tips I give are for folks who need to be able to access their things in lower cabinets that they may not be able to reach but that said anyone looking to organize can benefit!

Will have to take pictures of my recent bathroom organizing project and post them, I love organizing it brightens my psyche. Had to organize out of necessity, had knee surgery and arthritis flare couldn't bend down to get things out of cupboards in the bathroom, so I put everyday products on top of my counter and it looked messy. Went to Container store and bought organizers with handles, small lightweight ones that I could pick up, We put things in them that I use most often and placed them back into the cupboard, I also bought pretty colored organizers and put makeup in one, larger bottles in another, smaller tubes in another. Now when I leave the items on top of the counter the counter looks cleaner and I can put the things away off the counter when visitors come.

It helps when you have someone who can advise and help with the project, I am fortunate to have a daughter who is a pro at cleaning and organizing!
We than put the most used items in small lightweight organizers with handles and put them back into the bottom cabinets for easy access.  Leaving me feel more independent.
The Container store offers more organizing tips here .
  • Cabinets and drawers: For bathrooms with limited shelves or cabinet space, install a wall-mounted rack, or use a rolling cart or trays or baskets to hold personal toiletries. Using their own shower totes or organizers, family members can store their toiletries in their bedrooms and carry them to the bathroom when needed. Use drawer organizers, and assign one to each family member for storing personal toiletries and accessories.

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