Friday, May 15, 2009

More about frugal tips

Cha..ching...There are tons of ways to save money besides using coupons, one tip is to look for products you use every day that are offering "more for your money" for example, we use Scope mouthwash and recently they offered a large bottle with 50% more in it, using a coupon to purchase it we saved a lot and got a lot more for our money! Land of Lakes butter offered 50% more recently. Point being always be diligent, read labels,and watch for special savings like that.

Slimfast has great meal and fitness planning
tools, advice from Registered Dietitians, our online Buddy system, and savings offers.

Another way to save money using cell phones, don't buy a monthly plan just buy minutes , 1000 minutes for $100 and usually lasts about 9 months IF you want a cell phone for phonecalls only, no texting, internet etc.

Okay so I LOVE Starbucks I know, I know I could save about $625 a year if I gave up Lattes, well I read somewhere that saving money is like being on a diet, deprive yourself and you will crave it all the more. So save money on something else and keep the Lattes ::wink::

This is a great resource to get coupons not found elsewhere PLUS 30 mi nute recipe ideas, and even videos From quick prep to table-ready, get tips that will make your life easier.

But seriously there are so many ways to save money easily and effortlessly without feeling deprived.

$1,000 GIVEAWAY!

Think about saving money when buying car insurance,
*Buy cars that require lower insurance premiums in the first place
*Keep your credit score high. Lower credit scores mean higher car insurance premiums
*Group your auto, home, and personal liability policies with one insurer
*Complete a certified defensive driving course and if may reduce your premium
*Search for best rates on Car insurance quote comparison sites

Those are just a few tips, stay tuned to our site for money-saving tips and earn more money tips as well, we are more than just a freebie, coupon site!!

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