Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Careful of food coupons that are fraudulent

Because of the economy, job losses,  many of us are doing all we can to save money.  Food is a major part of our budget, so to save money we check out sales and use coupons. But BEWARE suddenly there are fraudulent coupons circulating. You should NOT knowingly use coupons that you know are fraudulent.
Here is a website that shows a Frito Lay fake coupon.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Solutions for two problems health and wealth.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

5 Tips to Stretch Your Holiday Dollars for Shopping In a Down Economy

Thanks to,  www..momitforward.com and Samantha Gregory for tips on stretching our holiday dollars.

Strategies for Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Here are some strategies for making your money go farther when shopping for the holidays.
1. Compare Prices. This one step could mean the difference of a few dollars, but every dollar counts. Go to comparison sites online as well as check the sale circulars in your local Sunday paper. You do not have to pay the first price you see, but with pre-planning you can find the lowest prices and plan your shopping ahead of time.
2. Barter and Trade Services for Goods. Consider trading your service or expertise with someone who has what you need. Talk to everyone you know about your plan and ask if they know someone who would be willing to trade. If you have computer skills, you might trade cleaning up their computer in exchange for three gift baskets from a gift basket designer. The possibilities are endless.
3. Make a List of What You Want to Buy Early and Stick With a Certain Dollar Amount. Make a list, check it twice, and do it early. Planning ahead of time can save a lot of money. Have a set dollar amount to spend on each gift or for all gifts. You will stay within your budget and combined with comparing prices, you could come out with quite a few very nice gifts.
4. Agree to Limit Gift Giving to One or Two Gifts Each. How many times do we overload the kids on gifts that get broken the very same day or within a week? We even do this with other family members too. So decide to limit gift giving to just one or two gifts for the kids in your family and just one for your significant other.
5. Put Together Gift Baskets for a Family. In the spirit of limiting the gifts you give, consider giving family gift baskets to your extended family instead of individual gifts. This keeps the cost down and may foster closer family relationships. The basket could be a game or movie along with a box of popcorn, simple bowls, and matching cups from the dollar store or other discount store. Decorate it nicely and deliver on Christmas day.
Shopping for the Holidays doesn’t have to be expensive with a little pre-planning. Keep the gifts simple and limiting them are very good strategies. Try it this year and see the difference in your bank account and on the faces of your loved ones.
This post was provided by Rich Single Momma.  Finding herself single with two children, she had to find a way to reinvent herself and provide for her family.  She offers advice and financial solutions from her experiences to single moms through the Single Moms’ Economic Empowerment Network.  She has partnered with a baby clothes company to help inform moms of options available to them.  They get approval from this Momma for the most affordable and fashionable selections – layettes, baby hatsbaby accessories and so much more.